Products for sale

Products for sale


bio gel for your event decor
bio gel for your event decor

We have products for sale for your Special event or wedding .  Available in different heights ranging from 22 to 24 inches in height. Check the style of Vase you prefer, we hope you find the right style for your Social or Corporate event. Check on a regular Basis as we get new ones coming in. Once you Find the right one , please send us the style number so we can quote you on your Flower Vase .

Crystal water gems are sold in 220 gram bags .They are put into water to grow them to about 3/4″ round and fill up vases to look like crystal pieces. The 220 grams bag  will make you enough to fill up approximately 10+ glass vases 24 inch tall and no more that 4 inch round. The ones we sell are all clear but you can make them any color you want by adding food coloring of your choice We sell also the food coloring, it last a long time as you only need to add 10 drops per tall glass vase. All you have to add is a few drops into the water before you put in the crystal beads. Contact us for more information. We also have the fuel cells , they burn for 8 hours.

We also carry  4 and 6 hour Chafing fuel   24 pcs per case.  Contact us for a quote.

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Products for Sale

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