Pedestals and Planters

Pedestals and Planters

Beautiful Pedestal and planter by the Ultimate Wedding Project Toronto, Ontario Canada

Pedestals also know as Columns are used in Special events and weddings to enhance beautiful Floral Arrangements , create an ambiance or to add that elegance in that special space in your decor. Contact us for a free quote, fill in our contact form. They are available in White , Gold , Silver and Black also acrylic 36 and 48 inch tall. To get a free quote click below.   Our Plexiglas Pedestals are very strong and solid.

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Pedestals and planters

The column was an architectural invention allowing the support of ceilings without the use of solid walls, allowing to increase the space in the home or structure which could be spanned by a ceiling, allowing the entrance of light and offering an alternative design to building exteriors.  Columns were also incorporated within walls or be free-standing to carry sculpture or Vases to commemorate particular events .

The First columns were very simple and created to support Ceilings, but 3000-1000 bc more creative and complex columns started to appear in Egypt and Assyrian Civilizations, starting to employ stone and other harder materials as we see them today.

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