Flower Stands Round or Square.

Flower Stands Round or Square


Crystal Stand 28" tall
Crystal Stands

Beautiful Flower Stands for you Floral Centerpiece decor Social or Corporate event, you can also use them at your Church to Decorate the aisle. Colors available are  Gold, Silver, Black and  Crystal Stands. They come in 2 different sizes . The top part is a plate  7 inch round,for ease of use. You can put 5- 9 inch clear plastic Loomie plate with your floral  arrangements. This makes it easy for your guest to slide the floral arrangement from the Flower Stand  and take the arrangement home. Below you can see the different styles, colors and sizes . We also carry the Ivory Flower ball 12 inch round with crystals on each rose , beautiful with the Flower stands .If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us click below.  Harlow Stands in 2 sizes 8x8x30″ and for parent tables 10x10x40″


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Crystal Stand
Floral design on Metal stand. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Floral with Gold Metal Stand
Gold Stands
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