Easels and Frames


Easels and Frames


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Easels and Frames are a great way to display your special  day Photo of the Newly Weds with elegance and beauty. You can also use it for visual display of your guests  seating chart, by framing the chart with a beautiful frame in any color of your choice.

This makes it very easy for your guest to find their tables and enjoy the amazing evening. There are many more uses for the easels now a day, create your own ideas. Our Easels are available in 4 colors: Black, White, Silver and Gold .

We carry 2 sizes:  63 and 72 inch tall ones. Choose what best suits you. Come and see them in person.

Our collection also includes 3 different sizes of Frames in Gold .

contact us for the sizes available. Very Important:  When printing the guest list for our frames, please make sure you print on hardboard and not on paper, as the hardboard can easily be pushed in to the back of the frames and paper has nothing to be attached to. If not clear make sure to contact us.

email:  info@theultimateweddingproject.com

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An Easel is a support made out of Wood, used for displaying finish paintings and also for support used by Painters while they worked on their painting. The painting normally rest at a 20 degree angle.

Designs of the Easels have changed very little through the centuries, even Millennia. The Most common design is the Tripod, based on three legs. Lot of them include a cross bar made for stability.

Some are created very simple, and some are a lot more elaborate and beautiful designed, and for that reason we used the latter ones for weddings and special events.

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