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Crystal Ball Centerpieces. Toronto, Ontario.

We have a nice selection of Crystal Ball centerpieces available in different designs and sizes. They are easy to set up, and you can make the crystals Bling in any color your heart desires. You can see below, the colors they become when we add a colored led light inside. The Colors available of LED lights are green, pink, purple, white, red, yellow, and blue . You can also add big tall Candles inside the crystal ball to make it beautiful and radiate more light. We carry them in many sizes, such as 12″ tall , 24″ tall ,36″tall and 40″ tall, and some of the other styles you see below stretch from 27- 40 inches tall. For a quote please click the link below.


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crystal-ball-centerpieces-36-inch-tall. Toronto, Ontario.

crystal ball centerpieces gala. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

A little more info:

The Color of bases available are Gold, Silver and Black. You can also add flowers to the top of the Crystal sphere, to add color and life to your final centerpiece.

A little History about the Crystal Balls:  The earliest the crystals ball where used was by the Celtic Druids to foretell their future.

In the Victoria Era, Crystal gazing was a popular pastime, and the people at the time claimed that it  worked best when the Sun was at its northern most declination. Just before the appearance of a vision, the ball was said to mist from the inside.

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