Charger Plates

Charger Plates

Charger plates add a touch Elegance and Decor to your Table Setting.  Choose the color that will best suit your color scheme and decor. Our plates are available in Gold, Silver and Clear Beaded Glass  .

Important Information for you to know: The Diameter of the plates are 13 inches round. As the size of tables vary, the most common tables are the 60 inch round tables, and you can fit comfortable 8-10  per table, and you can fit 12 chargers in a 65 inch round table. Never attempt to fit 12  plates on a 60 inch table, as they will not fit.

Did you know that charger plates originated around 1275-1350 also called under-plates , service plate or chop plates. A charger was a large shallow plate destined to hold liquids from soups , gravy’s and other liquid foods . Food was never served on the charger plates. The Name Chargers comes from the Middle English Charge-our. For a Free quote click below.


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charger plates


Here is some information about the plates etiquette: Once they are on the table , leave on the table throughout the course of the meal. However, they are always removed before serving desserts. Food is never served on the actual charger plates. They are only for decoration purposes and not for use as actual dinner plates.

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