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Gold Cake stand

Show-off your wedding cake or cupcakes on one of our beautiful crystal  stands available in tiered stands or regular one tier stands. You Can use them as a set on top of each other or you can use it as 3 separate pieces. Its your creation so you decide how you want to use it. The sizes for the 3 tier Cake stands are as follows:  We have them available in Square and in round.

  • Top is 12×12 inches square or round,
  • Middle  is 16×16 inches square or round
  • Bottom tier, the largest is 20×20 inches round or square.

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Gold Cake Stands
16 inch round

cupcake-stand-3-tier-round. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Here is a little history on the cake stand  and cupcake stands:  It all started in the late Victorian era, when the ceremony of afternoon tea became very important . There was the need for a way to display cakes and small cake bites at the table, so that they can be easily seen by guests. This was achieved by changing the formal serving platters that were called at the time  salvers .  Cake Stands were also created to draw attention to the actual cakes and  by elevating the cakes above other food on the tables . They created a stem to hold the layers and made it 2-3 tiers high and the main idea was to create a Stage for the cakes and small cakes (cupcakes) as sweets became important during tea time.

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