Backdrop pipe and Arch rentals

Backdrop pipe and Arches Rentals

Ghost Arch and Ghost Table  72x40x30

We have a selection of Backdrop pipe rentals Pro Series Uprights , crossbars and Bases, all pro series for rental to build your own Backdrop structure. Uprights are telescoping with button stops  10-16 foot high, heavy duty pro series. Crossbars are telescoping with button stops  8-12 foot long ( picture shows 14 longest but it is only 12), heavy duty pro series. Bases are 18×18 inch square with pin on base, super Heavy duty.

Here is a little guide for creating a backdrop.

If you have ahead table with 8 people in a straight table that means you will use a table 16″ long and in this case you want to leave two feet space from each end , so your total will be  16 plus 2 plus 2 = 20 feet and this is the length of the backdrop you will need, 20 foot long backdrop and for the height you might want to use 3/4 to the top of the ceiling. If the Ceiling is too high I would keep it max 18 feet high for safety.

Check out the Arches too.

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