Backdrop pipe and Arch rentals

Backdrop pipe and Arches Rentals

Clear arch by the ultimate wedding project

We have a selection of Backdrop pipe rentals Pro Series Uprights , crossbars and Bases, all pro series for rental to build your own Backdrop structure. Uprights are telescoping with button stops  10-16 foot high, heavy duty pro series. Crossbars are telescoping with button stops  8-12 foot long ( picture shows 14 longest but it is only 12), heavy duty pro series. Bases are 18×18 inch square with pin on base, super Heavy duty.

Here is a little guide for creating a backdrop.

If you have ahead table with 8 people in a straight table that means you will use a table 16″ long and in this case you want to leave two feet space from each end , so your total will be  16 plus 2 plus 2 = 20 feet and this is the length of the backdrop you will need, 20 foot long backdrop and for the height you might want to use 3/4 to the top of the ceiling. If the Ceiling is too high I would keep it max 18 feet high for safety.

Check out the Ghost Arches, you can add lots of things, or just keep it simple, your choice. You can use or own Faux florals

or add your own florals. Lots to choose from. This arches go behind the Bride and groom and the maximun the open is 90 inch wide

and they are 80 inch tall, flowers will be above the 80 inch height for best view.

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6 foot long silk floral arrangement for head table or ghost arch



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